In 2011, Dr. Lacey Seymour, returned to Louisiana after completing her training and opened Live Oak Behavioral Psychology. Dr. Seymour saw a need in the community to provide high quality evidence based behavioral psychology services to children of all needs. However, Dr.Seymour’s vision was to create a multidisciplinary center where children in St. Tammany and surrounding areas could receive quality care from highly trained professionals. Over the last several years, Live Oak Behavioral Psychology has grown to include a variety of disciplines including psychology, applied behavior analysis (ABA), feeding therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and art therapy. In 2015, Live Oak Behavioral Psychology was transformed into Live Oak Children’s Center.

Live Oak Children’s Center addresses a unique need in our community by providing a place where families can come to receive a variety of services that address the emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs of children all under one roof. The clinicians at Live Oak believe in a whole-child approach to treatment and work together to ensure that all of the needs of each child are being continually met.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide evidence-based, high quality services to children in need of therapeutic intervention in both the home and school community. We believe that each child has potential to grow and develop. We are a multidisciplinary pediatric clinic who serves children in St. Tammany and surrounding areas. We provide services by well-trained, certified professionals as well as interdisciplinary consultations with other pediatric professionals in order to provide a well-balanced approach to quality care. We also provide practicum training to local university students seeking experience in working with children with developmental disabilities.

Live Oak Children’s Center strives to:

  • Be a leader in the community by providing a unique service model to children and families.

    Provide a safe place for children to learn, nurture and grow.

    Collaborate with other pediatric professionals as needed in order to ensure every child’s needs are being adequately met.

    Give back to the community by providing ongoing training opportunities to students, parents and professionals.

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