Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program

Live Oak Children’s Center is one of very few facilities in Louisiana to offer empirically supported outpatient feeding treatment to children with feeding disorders. We provide interdisciplinary assessment and treatment of infants and children. Our team of professionals includes; psychologists, board certified behavior analysts, speech language pathologists and occupational therapists who have received specialized training in the area of feeding. Our interdisciplinary team works together to increase both volume and variety of foods consumed as well as decreasing problem behaviors associated with mealtimes. Consultations with pediatric gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, nutritionists and other medical specialists are made as needed. We also work with families to coordinate referrals to intensive feeding programs if the child requires a more intensive level of treatment.

Will my child benefit from feeding therapy?
While most children can be picky at times, children with feeding difficulties take picky eating to the extreme. These children may only eat a few number of foods, oftentimes eliminating entire food groups from their diet. Other children may have experienced difficulty with feeding due to physical reasons, such as reflux or food allergies. The natural joy most of us receive from eating may be replaced with anxiety and refusal behaviors may increase. Infants and children may also have difficulties with chewing, sucking or swallowing due their lack of experience with eating. Our team of professionals work together to help children develop the skills needed to eat a wide variety of foods, while decreasing negative emotions associated with the eating process.


  • Behavioral Psychology
    Behavioral feeding therapy is available for children and adolescents. Therapy sessions are conducted by psychologists with specialized training in pediatric feeding disorders. The goal of the sessions are often to increase the variety of foods in a child’s diet. Parent training is also a major focus of the therapeutic process.
  • Oral Motor Therapy

    Oral-Motor therapy for feeding is conducted by a speech and language pathologist with specialized training in pediatric feeding disorders. The goal of the therapy is to complete an assessment to determine if the child is able to swallow safely and efficiently. An individualized oral-motor feeding plan is created for each child to improve skilled movement of the mouth in order to promote safe and efficient eating and drinking.