Our mental health services focus on the treatment of developmental, emotional and behavioral problems of children and families. Services are provided by licensed psychologists and frequency of visits is based on need. Complete diagnostic assessments to assess for common childhood disorders, including ADHD, dyslexia, Autism and anxiety are available. Behavioral parent training as well as group therapy is also available.

Medication management is not provided though our clinic. Consultations with pediatricians and psychiatrists are frequently made to assist with coordination of care. At Live Oak, we value the interdisciplinary approach to treatment and believe in treating the “whole child.” Therefore, in-house collaboration with our other clinical therapists, including our occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists, are made as needed.


  • Psychoeducational Evaluations

    At Live Oak, we offer comprehensive multidisciplinary assessments for children with a variety of concerns including developmental, attention, learning, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Assessments typically include direct observation of the child across a variety of environments in addition to testing in the clinic.

    Common referral reasons include testing for:

    – Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    – Autism Spectrum Disorders
    – Disruptive Behavior Problems
    – Social Skills
    – Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia
    – Giftedness

    The assessment process includes the following:

    – Parent Interview (60-90 minutes)
    – Behavior Rating Scales and questionnaires completed by parents and teachers
    – Teacher interview (if appropriate)
    – Direct observation of child within the clinic as well as at daycare or school **Additional fees may apply
    – Intellectual Testing (1-2 hours)
    – Achievement Testing (1-2 hours)
    – Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders (if appropriate) (1 hour)
    – Scoring, Interpretation and Written Report (time varies)
    – Feedback session with Parents to discuss report and treatment recommendations (1 hour)

    Please call us at (985) 327-7256 to schedule a testing session or for more information.

  • Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy is available for children ages 2 – 18. Both long-term and short-term treatment is available to address a range of emotional and behavioral difficulties including conduct, parent-child conflicts, attention deficits, and school related difficulties. Other common behaviors served include aggression, verbal abuse, tantrums, mood disturbances, anxiety, depression, phobias, and social skills deficits. Caregivers and family members are an integral part of developing treatment plans and parent training is often incorporated into individual sessions. Consultations with school and other community service providers are conducted as needed. Therapists are available to attend IEP meetings upon request.

  • Social Skills Groups
    Social skills groups consists of 6 or 8 week hourly sessions. Sessions are conducted both in the clinic as well as in various locations in the community, in order to generalize skills to novel environments. Children are placed in groups based on individual needs. An intake session must be scheduled before a child is able to be placed into a group so that the therapist can identify areas to be targeted during the weekly sessions. Behaviors targeted commonly include a variety of skill sets needed to navigate the child/adolescent’s social world, including establishing and maintaining peer relationships, appropriate play skills and conversational skills. These groups are not ongoing and will occur at various times throughout the year.