Games to Improve Visual Perceptual Skills

by Elizabeth Hughs, LOTR

Visual perceptual skills are a vital component of children’s daily occupations–self-care, play, and education.  These skills are different from visual acuity (the ability to see 20/20).  Moreover, visual perception is how the brain interprets the sensory input from the eyes.  This is necessary for performing a wide variety of tasks throughout the day, such as reading and writing correctly, completing a puzzle, or scanning the pantry to find a snack.  Occupational therapists are trained in assessing and treating visual perceptual deficits, but there are also many games to play at home to reinforce these skills. Try some of the ones listed below!


Spot It


Tricky Fingers






Connect 4


Word Searches or Hidden Picture Searches


Maze Workbook


Color by Number Coloring Book

Elizabeth Hughs, LOTR, is a pediatric Occupational Therapist at Live Oak Children’s Center.