Dr. Lacey Seymour

Live Oak Children’s Center is a multi-disciplinary pediatric therapy center located in Covington, Louisiana, that is locally owned and operated by Dr. Lacey Seymour. Dr. Seymour is a licensed psychologist and is board certified in behavior analysis. Dr. Seymour has over ten years of experience working with children in both a clinical and school setting. Dr. Seymour received her doctorate degree in psychology from Louisiana State University and completed an internship as well as a postdoctoral fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Seymour has worked in both the public and private school settings with teachers and school personnel as a consultant to design effective behavioral and academic interventions for students. Additionally, Dr. Seymour has provided outpatient psychological and behavioral services to both typically developing children as well as children with special needs in a variety of clinical settings, including the Baton Rouge Clinic, the Early Intervention Autism Program at the Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation (currently the Emerge Center), the Pediatric Developmental Disorders Clinic and the Pediatric Feeding Disorder Clinic at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Dr. Seymour is active in several community organizations in St. Tammany and is currently serving as president of the Louisiana Psychological Association.

Dr. Seymour resides in Covington. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, trying new recipes, drinking coffee and watching her favorite football teams. She also treasures spending time with her family and friends.